Cause people do not go buy your product and how to handle it

Written By Chotot Dudulzz on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 | 12:39 AM

It is easier to increase sales, if you know what obstacles that make people not want to choose your product. There are several factors. From my experience during this internet business, this is the reason or cause that makes people not buy a product.

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1.They could not see clearly the benefits and values ​​contained of your product.
For that, you need to convey clearly what benefits consumers get from your product.

Not just to reduce weight as much as so many pounds in a span of time so for example if your product is in the form of weight loss products. But the real benefit is that they will feel more attractive and increase his confidence: they no longer have trouble doing many activities such as hiking or climbing stairs, and many people will be amazed at the rapid changes that occur in your body. That's the real benefit.

2. They are not sure of the product you are offering.
Suppose that when you asked what your profession, you probably answered simply, "my internet business." It should be more clearly you can describe what your profession is. Because often they guess wrong. If you are an internet business, they might actually think you are the owner of the cafe.

When asked the above question, the point better describe what you do to help others. You can answer that:

"My Internet business that helps people to get money from the internet. They can sell their products and get lots of buyers over the internet. "

Understand right now the difference between a brief description of the first and the second answer?

3. They do not believe you.
As I said before the Capital Trust is Key to Succeed in Internet Business. People only buy from people they trust. For that, early on, you need to do branding and building credibility in order to strengthen the level of your trustworthiness.

Through blogs, the keys of the secret I share the secret of blogging, you will know how to do a pretty effective personal branding through blogging.

4. They do not need your product. You have to understand, maybe not everyone needs your products.
For example, if you sell products reduction weight, those whose bodies are slim certainly do not need it.

Therefore an important aim targeted prospects. Because they are your main markets. Perhaps among your target market, there is actually a hot prospect. It's just that they do not realize if you actually need the product.

Here the role of list building is very strategic. So you can keep the lines of contact with them, and upon contact the umpteenth time they realize they do need your product.

That's four causes of why people do not buy your product. If according to your own experience over the internet business, why people do not also buy your product?

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