Top 5 Gaming Keyboards

Written By Chotot Dudulzz on Thursday, July 21, 2011 | 7:53 PM

1. Saitek Cyborg - Saitek has an excellent line of backlit keyboards, and the Cyborg is the classiest of them all. The only bad part about owning a Saitek keyboard is a lack of American support. The company's main repair center is located in South Korea.

2. Merc Stealth - This fancy gaming keyboard is both rugged and built for comfortable, ergonomic play. Rubber keys replace the standard WSAD configuration, making long gaming sessions a lot less painful on the fingertips.

3. Razer Black Widow - Razer is well-known for their long line of PC gaming mice and keyboards, and the Black Widow is the best of the best. With responsive keys and a comfortable wrist rest, it's the perfect board for a serious gamer.

4. Logitech G15 - With an attractive LED screen that gives in-game contextual information, the G15 is adept at quick macroing. It is a perfect choice for most gamers.

5. Optimus Maximus - While this keyboard is ludicrously expensive ($1600 USD list price), it makes this list just for the cool factor. Each key on the keyboard is its own LCD display, and users can customize the icons on each key.

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