Lost In Papua

Written By Chotot Dudulzz on Thursday, July 28, 2011 | 5:42 PM


Genre: Drama
Producer: Naynie Ardiansyah, Iwan Trilaksana Sp
Production: Nayakom Mediatama, Merauke Ent. Production
Length: 100mnt
director: Irhamachobahtiar

Synopsis: In the interior jungles of Papua, Rangga (Edo Borne) and his team on a mission of exploration to find the point of mine. Without them knowing it had entered forbidden territory known as the RKT 2000. Shortly, there was a catastrophe that caused the loss of team members one by one

Three years later. Nadia (Fanny Fabriana), a former engaged Rangga, still remember the events in Papua it. On the other side, David (Fauzi Badillah) ever in the ditch Nadia, Nadia is still continuing to pursue by all means. She ignored the David and tried to stay away by accepting the assignment to Papua that is given by his boss, Mr. Wijaya (Didi Petet), which is none other than David's father

Nadia went to Papua to bring a souvenir from his grandfather's deposit (Piet Pagau) for Korowai tribe chief who had saved his life in the struggle then. Nadia who first came to Papua, fell in love with its natural beauty. But behind it, the mystery disappearance of Rangga still continue to haunt Nadia

Travel to the Korowai tribe is not easy, Nadia and his friends must go through a fairly severe obstacles. In desperation, they discovered a primitive tribal village that all the female inhabitants. In this tribe, Nadia know if Rangga three years ago was captured by a tribe

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