Vote mig33 as Best IM! (2nd & Final Round)

Written By Chotot Dudulzz on Thursday, March 4, 2010 | 12:12 AM

Postby zigzag5 » Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:16 pm 

Few days beck, on 1st January 2010, under the arrangement of famous tech site,, a survey was announced to select Best IMs all over the world. After receiving over 5100 nominations for the 2010 Reader's Choice Awards Best IM category, the primary nominees are ready to be revealed, and glad to let you know that mig33 is one of them. :D But first round is not the last one. From 1st February to 28th February you will able to select and vote your favorite IM and final grand result will be published in 1st March.
Within 8 sections of nomination mig33 and project Goth has received primary nomination on 6 sections and they are followings:
• Best IM Client 2010
• Best Mobile IM 2010
• Best IM Chat Rooms 2010
• Best Independent IM 2010
• Best IM Design 2010
• Best IM Developers

Now we need votes and user support for second round. It’s nothing, you just have to click on “mig33” for submitting your vote.. Help us and help to grow the community.

To submit your vote on mige33:
Best IM Client:
And click mig33.
For other section procedures are same.
Best Mobile IM:
Best IM Chat Rooms:
Best Independent IM:
Best IM Design:
Best IM Developers:

Let’s hope we are going to see mig33 as winner in each section in 1st march 2010. :D So please keep voting.

sumber: mig33rules

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